If you have availed of the 60-day grace period and have a BPI/MS insurance premium that is payable on the chosen dates, the amount due will not be billed and shall only be collected on the next due date following the grace period. Yuchengco Tower up to this thread. Until when can I submit my request to avail of the Bayanihan-2 60-day grace period? Please fill out all entries in the form to ensure rapid processing of your loan application. 1) After the grace period, your next amortization/s shall be applied as payment for the interest accrued during the grace period. For questions regarding Bayanihan 1 (R.A. No. You may also contact us using our International Toll-Free Numbers. For International Toll Free (Int'l Access Code)+800-8888-7222. Incomplete information will cause a delay in processing. Please review all the fields in the online form and please provide accurate information for … Existing Housing Loan Accounts - bfb_loans_customer_service@bpi.com.ph. Despite the suspension of your payment due dates, your unpaid loan principal continues to accumulate accrued interest, as recognized in the Bayanihan to Recover as One Act. Yes, you are still allowed to avail of the one-time 60-day grace period as long as you meet the conditions stated above. For more information: For Auto Loan Accounts - (02) 889-10000, option 4-4-0. or E-Mail us through: New Auto Loan Applications - autoloan@bpi.com.ph. Buy your dream car with BDO Auto Loans! So as not to increase the amount of your regular monthly amortization, the monthly distribution of your loan principal and interest will be adjusted accordingly. Know in 60 seconds! BPI Family Auto Loan has a faster process turnaround time, with low interest rates, low mortgage fees and a more personalized service. For inquiries or concerns, you may visit any of our BPI and BPI Family Savings Bank branches nationwide, or contact us thru the following: Email at personal_loan@bpi.com.ph Call at 8891-0000 SMS at 0917-891000 Type: PL___